• Project Name

    InstaForest UI/UX Layout and WordPress Web Design

  • Client Name
  • Skills Used

    Sketch / HTML5 / CSS

What started as one website became two, instaForest is a continuation of the Tropical Carbon brand and website. As an early contributor to this amazing start-up, it was decided I needed to dedicate each website to its own individual purpose. Tropical Carbon became the ‘information’ website and instaForest is dedicated to selling and promoting its product.

It was very important for me to create two unique yet complimentary designs and I have spent many months combing through and redesigning the Tropical Carbon and instaForest brand. The instaForest website is responsible for the purchase and planting of trees and sharing these experiences on Instagram. Created with Sketch and completed using Visual Composer and WordPress, instaForest is now the more bold and colorful counterpart to its partner site.

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